Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pictures with Papa

Due to the masses begging for pictures (A.K.A. a sweet friend who actually cares about Rick in Bolivia!), I have posted a few choice pictures from his 4-day trip to La Paz!
Sadly, there aren't very many pictures to choose from since he lost his camera on his last day...and I didn't take many on my camera because he was snapping them left and right! Oh least he was able to make more memories than any picture could.

The double-decker bus tour turned out to be quite entertaining. Partly because of the game we had to play with all of the wires and banners hanging low enough to almost decapitate us at moments! That was just one of the ways we figured out that these buses were used elsewhere before making their way to La Paz!
Here we are at an awesome bird's-eye-view of my city!

Here Dad is enjoying a Bolivian treat....saltenas! Not only did this stew-in-a-pouch satisfy his Bolivian palate, but it also warmed up his body during a rainy-season-style torrential downpour in the middle of a sunny day.
Since my dad is the closest thing I have to a "honey" right now, I made him do a few "honey-do's" while at my casita. One of these was hanging up my newest purchase in the city...

Thanks, Dad, for was a pleasure sharing my "new life" with you!

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  1. AUGH!!
    "since he lost his camera on his last day"
    . . . you come by it honestly, Meg!

    **saltenas!** we are thrilled that they are actually authentic. :)

    LOVE YOU!!!