Tuesday, January 5, 2010

sshhhh...Don't Tell!

There are some definite benefits to having a sister as a nurse:

- she'll answer your "medical emergency" call at anytime of the night
- she can uncover the truth behind the many medical urban legends
- you can use her to help you justify any "bad" habit through an explanation of the excess needed to really make the activity/item truly harmless

BUT, the BEST benefit so far is getting to see your new nephew who was supposedly locked up in the NICU and not to be visited, let alone held, by ANYONE except Mommy and Daddy!

That's right....Nurse Jenny pulled the "gone-in-Bolivia-for-6-months" card and got me into the NICU secretly to spend some sweet time with Baby Ian before I flew out!

He is doing well and is improving quickly. He no longer needs to be connected to oxygen and is on his way to leaving his little incubator! However, he has not gotten rid of all the things poked into his little body.....you might notice the bluish glow eminating from him. No, he was not beamed down from the mothership!
Awww...precious, huh?

I feel SOOO blessed that I was able to change him, hold him, feed him, burp him and just talk to him....we had a great little conversation! Life is a wonderful gift from the Lord and I was so moved by his tiny body and the thought of what God will do with it!

Ian, you are loved and prayed for! May you know and appreciate both of these truths all of your life!


  1. SO SWEET! Congrats to the whole family. He looks very good sized for being that early! Safe travels!!

    PS Can't wait for pictures of Machu Pichu (how do you spell it?). David is kind of obsessed.

  2. Meggy! He IS beautiful! What a sweet boy! I'm so glad you got to spend a little time with him. When you get back, he'll be scooting around . . . I'm wondering if Ella feels left out, maybe you should post a couple pictures of your library time on here.

    xo, glad you made it. Glad your extended stay gave us more time to talk.