Sunday, September 27, 2009

An SCCCYG Update

Hello readers, especially those under the age of 18 (my SCCC youth group)!
I am excited to share a summary of what God has been doing here on the other side of the equator!

I have lately described La Paz to friends and family as a mix of the foreign and familiar, which I have come to really appreciate.

Familiar because....
..I always have a lot of papers to grade...AND I have a group of students that I really do love!

HIS 6th and 7th students:)!

...I get to enjoy the sun (that is more intense here) while participating in random outdoor activities. like running, walking with friends, or competing in a dodgeball tournament (that's right...I've played more dodegeball here in 2 months than I have my entire life!).

...I get to hang out with some awesome high school girls weekly for a small group/life group I'm leading with my roommate.

...I seem to be busy every day! Between weekly bible studies, Spanish lessons, after-school tutoring, gospel choir practice, birthday celebrations (I think I've celebrated at least 10 birthdays since arriving in La Paz!) and the basic chores of being a grown-up, I find myself ready for my bed at the end of every day!

...I have great friends who make me laugh and love the Lord!
**praise the Lord for a great group of friends here

Foreign because...
...I no longer drive...instead I rely on a series of taxis, trufis (like a taxi but with a set list of destinations), mini-busses (like a trufi only bigger and more crowded) and a few friend's cars here where the occupancy limit is always at least doubled. Here in Bolivia seats are just suggestions for how many people can fit in a car!

Here's an example of a crowded car on dodgeball "theme" day:) case you were wondering if we always dress like this!

...everyone speaks a different language and even though I'm getting tutored every thursday, I still have a lot to learn until I can fully participate in this part of the culture.
**pray that I would have patience and discipline in this area

...I am surrounded by Cholitas! Bolivia is known for the "chola", a Bolivian woman that has kept the traditional customs of this nation, predomintaly by the way she dresses. They are all over the place and always make me smile:)!

...I get to pray with my students everday and reference the Bible freely!
**pray for those at the school that do not know Jesus Christ personally (some are Buddhist, Muslim, atheist, etc.)

Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers!

Friday, September 11, 2009

I love the weekends...

Hello my faithful readers :)!
As my last post explained, I now have access to internet on my own computer, so posting pictures and such is a whole lot easier. Therefore, as promised, here is an update of my life...

As a teacher in Charlotte, I enjoyed my students... but loved my weekends. As a teacher in La Paz, it is no different!

2 weekends ago, Stephanie and I were THRILLED to have the opportunity to actually leave the city. Early Sunday morning we piled in the backseat of Christian's, our neighbor/landlord, car along with his cousin, Andre. After a slight delay due to the fact that we had to turn around to get the spare tire that was forgotten, we drove out of the mountains and into the jungle!

It was soooo pretty seeing the huge mountains change from the bare and grey to the lush and wild of the jungle! Even though I got a little sick on the ride back, the view was DEFINITELY worth the windy, crazy roads!

Our first destination was this wonderful animal reserve where visitors from all over the world can come enjoy a relaxing get-away in the jungles of Bolivia and experience nature first-hand! Some of our "nature experiences" included...

playing with monkeys (with some fellow visitors)...

..holding snakes..

...and talking to a bear, among others!

Before leaving for our next destination, we had to push the car a couple of times and then wait for a fellow traveler to lend us his jumper cables....yes, we had left the lights on! Guess we should have worried more about jumper cables and less about the tire! Oh well...I had no problem cooling off by the river while we waited!

Our next and final destination before heading home was a small town on the edge of the mountain called Coroico. It was such a cute little town with a breathtaking veiw!

Me with our travel buddies..(L-R) Christian and Andres

We came back that night sweaty (which felt sooo good after a month in the DRY, mountain air), exhausted and totally blown away by the beauty of this new country we have started to call home!

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Yes, you read the title correctly!
Not only is our wireless finally working at the "guest" house of 135 Demetrio Canales, but it is working on MY computer!!!!!
Right now we have some friends over for some cards and pasta, but I just had to share my JOY!
I'll try to post some pictures soon of my wonderful weekends here so far:)!