Sunday, May 20, 2012


I beleive I mentioned earlier that I teach at the "School of Smiles"....for realsies!
Even though my year has had it's fair share of
"upside down smiles", it has also had plenty of the real deal!!

For example...

Here are my sweeties that really do bring a smile to my face!!!

My teammates that help me keep my sanity.

And the BEST song for our Revolutionary War CD project!

Last week marked the 1st of THREE WEEKS of the beloved END-OF-THE-YEAR TESTS!
As a teacher in a Title-1 school that hasn't made AYP for a few years, this time of the year is always a bit stressful.  You just want your little ones to do well and remember all you taught them. AND, to have all of the time they need to finish their tests.  
That brings to me to a precious student of mine. She honestly takes FOREVER to complete ANY test, especially "important" ones!  So, on the day of our first test, Reading, 5 minutes into the test, she already was asking, "What if we don't finish before the end of school?" 
Good question!  And I now know the answer because our Assistant Principal stayed with her until 7 PM so she could finish her 55 question test!
Now that's called taking your time (a teacher's mantra this time of the year)!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

How Time Flies....

I think I will be saying that for the rest of my life...and it will only just become more, and more true!

There are many. his green card...the day of the wedding!
Don't you love how the Lord uses our national government to teach us life lessons?
Here's us celebrating...notice our GREEN to celebrate the GREEN card?!

Then, since we weren't able to spend SB12 in BOLIvIA, we thought we'd go to BALtImOre instead (yes, we were trying to make ourselves feel better with ANY kind of connection between the 2!)

Thankfully, my husband is a gracious man who takes life as it comes and we ended up truly enjoying our little get away!

LOVED the Baltimore Aquarium!

This is my husband....
...and this is his wife!

I actually LOVE crabcakes (at least these ones...we had some others that seemed to be a-little-less-crab-and-more-old-fish cakes that were NOT my favorite)

Yes...I couldn't resist!  As a teacher of the American Revolution, being at the exact place where Francis Scott Key pinned our anthem just couldn't go unsaid!