Thursday, February 4, 2010

Prayer and Praise

We'll start with the....

I am happy to say that my typhoid is gone and I feel like normal Megan again! I started working last week and even though it wasn't a peice of cake to go from sleeping all day to waking up early and working, my body adjusted well and I have recovered from the crazy disease of typhoid!

Sadly my roommate, Steph, has not recovered so quickly! She went to see a doctor yesterday and found out that her body has definitely not fully recovered and is in danger of worse symptoms. Therefore, she's had to go back to not working and eating only "white" things....the white diet is no fun! Please pray for her body and a full recovery from the typhoid fever AND ameoba combo....not a the best combination, we're coming to find out!

Also, there was a bad muslide about a week ago in an area called Bella Vista, further up from my house. This devastating effect of La Paz's rainy season has left 70 houses collapsed/covered in mud and about 140 people displaced, without any of their earthly belongings! Therefore, on Sunday a group of my friends, mainly from choir and school, brought donated clothes, food and toiletries to the people of Bella Vista.

After sorting the clothes into bags for women, men and children...

....we took the bags into the tents where many families are living for now.
It was definitely a humbling experience to be surrounded by so many who had lost so much. But I know that God is still present in this tragedy and I'm thankful to be in a country where so many people came from all over the city to share of their abundance with those in need.

God is good....and so we thank Him for what He's done and we pray for what He will do!

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  1. thanks for letting us know! What's the update on steph? mudslide is scary!
    email us please.