Friday, April 29, 2011

Kings and Queens...

As I said before, my GRAMIE is in town!
And, as always, it has been so special to spend some quality time with her.

Yesterday, while I was working, she went golfing with Esteban at the world's highest golf course in the world! Here's a picture of the golf course and 2 indigenous women.

Both she and Esteban enjoyed their time and the encouragement of their caddies who, in their broken, Bolivian-accented, English, kept saying "good job."

Then today, on the spur of the moment, Gramie and I decided to have a party in her room at 6am.

As you probably know, today was the "ROYAL WEDDING!"

So guessed it! I drug myself out of bed, called a taxi and went up to her room to watch the wedding on her tv. While watching the ceremony we decided to play cards (gin to be exact) and get room service!

So all in was a morning of watching kings and queens, playing with kings and queens, and feeling like a king or queen (obviously the latter for both of us...but you see the pattern!).

Tomorrow is her birthday and I feel honored to be able to spend it with her. Then she leaves early Sunday morning to head back to California.

Sorry there aren't any pictures of Gramie yet...but I'll leave you with a picture of a VERY SIMILAR wedding dress to her's.

That's right, my Gramie (and then my mom because she wore her same dress) had a wedding dress like Kate (Catherine, the Duchess of York)!

Friday, April 22, 2011


A lot has happened since my last post!
But instead of sharing it all...I'll just share some of the "surprises" I've experienced up to now.

March 26th marked the year anniversary of when Esteban and I started dating (kind of crazy it's already/only been a year!!).
Part of his gift to me was decorating my bedroom with stick-it notes filled of memories.....sooo sweet and special!

I love my future husband (who celebrates all holidays with me)....
And his sweet surprises!

We had our annual Bolivia Day.
Every year the kids practice a dance from a certain region and perform it complete with a traditional costume.

The teachers also practice to perform a dance and dress up as well. This year I had practiced the bailecito as a "boy" because of the lopsided staff...more girls than boys, SHOCKER!!
However, sadly, my partner had a surprise surgery so she was unable to dance with me.
Therefore, I had to conjure up a girl costume (complete with a 4th grade top) and hope that I knew the girls part well enough.

Here is me...wishing I could wear this every day!

Here I am with my last minute dance partner (thankfully he taught us the dance and knew the moves...fairly well). We at least looked like we knew what we were doing....right?

I am in Brazil with 5 other girls for our "spring break" and we are LOVING IT!
This city has held SEVERAL surprises for us!

1- STARBUCKS!!! We miss this treat in Bolivia.

2- Actual tourist attractions.

4- Beautiful beaches (very Brazilian might I add...)

6- living up to it's nickname...the MaRVelOUs cITy.

Hopefully my surprises give you a little taste of my life.

Another fun surprise is coming soon...
GRAMIE is coming to La Paz!

Stay tuned for more pictures.