Sunday, January 17, 2010

One Last Stop....

Before work started again, Steph, Molly and I decided to take advantage of our "summer" break and travel South America while we had some time. Last semester we figured out the school year is not as conducive for traveling as we had hoped!
It was not hard for us to decide where to go since both Steph and I have the same life goal behold the ancient Incan ruins of MACHU-PICCHU before we die! (Although neither of us are close to dying...that we know of...we thought this time was as good as any!)
After I arrived back in La Paz....which ended up being a day late because I had yet ANOTHER horrible flight experience where I slept in and had to pay way too much for new flights even though there was NO WAY my seats were already taken. Oh well.....I can add it to my book of traveling nightmares, right?!
Anyways, after I arrived on Friday we made our plans, packed our packs and tried to rest our excited minds for our 12-hr bus ride the next day to Peru! The ride across the border was pretty uneventful except for the featured film, 2012.....a hand-recorded version of the big screen that was dubbed in Spanish with Russian subtitles...and our greeting at the bus station where this sign was plastered against the chain link fence.......
Just one of the many examples of how my name was butchered this trip!

Sunday we drove from Cuzco to the Sacred Valley and saw the unfinished ruins of an Incan village.

On our way, we spent some time at the Pisaq market.

Peruvians markets are very similar to Bolivan markets. Can you tell that I love all of the people and colors?!

Monday was the moment we were waiting for.....and you'll have to wait too:)! (sorry)
Look for the next post that will showcase a few chosen pictures of our day in Machu-Picchu!


  1. dear meag,

    oh, i love it!

    2012 - classic, given that it's based on mayan religion, and i always get the mayans and the incans confused, so i think it was an appropriate movie choice.

    i loooooooove all the colors!!!

    i can't wait to see the real pics!!


  2. ditto erica's post, minus the 2012 comments.
    i wanted to jump into those pictures. right now.
    one other random thing:
    listened to p.s. i love you. missed you.