Friday, October 14, 2011


Since "here" means a place in Maryland and a job in Virgnia, there will be another set of pics featuring the "School of Smiles" (for REAL my school's nickname is that!). But for now....HERE'S OUR CUTIE PLACE IN GAITHERSBURG, MD (below Marcelo, Sarah and Elianna)!

Walk in our front door...

..look at our FURNITURE that arrived from Idaho! We are so thankful for it:).

*We did however purchase the table for a GREAT price that only "required" me to paint the black part.....which possibly made me question the "great" price at the end of the whole project!

Here's the view...
.....from our bed!
Here's the hallway to the bathroom and our....!


  1. Fun! Thanks for the tour! Hoping life in your cutie apartment is beautiful and wonderful and full of fun with your awesome husband. :) Miss you tons here.

  2. Aw so great to see where you guys are living!! It looks great! :)