Saturday, October 1, 2011

La Paz in DC

Esteban and I miss La Paz.
It's true.
We are really happy to be living here (I'll share and show more of "here" later) but we miss the sights, sounds, food, and, most importantly, the people of La Paz.

HOWEVER, God has been so kind to give us bits of La Paz over the past few months.

- We live DIRECTLY BELOW Esteban's brother Marcelo, his sweet wife Sarah and joyous daughter Elianna. It's been such a blessing to be here, to have them so close and we thank the Lord every day for them. We enjoy being able to pop in and say hi, talk about the crazy weather lately ( started with an earthquake, then we had a hurricane, then we had more rain that caused a flash flood, and I'm just bracing myself for the winter to really start!) or other life topics, to share meals together and just to be a part of each other's lives!

Our little welcoming committee (she likes to look out the glass door and smile at us as we walk by to go to our place on the lower level)

- Not only do we have Sarah and Marcelo to keep us connected to life in La Paz, but we also have mini-Bolvia here! In this little group, every man is Bolivian but only 2 women are....guess those Bolivian guys have a way with the American girls:)! One of the families in this "group" was actually Eseteban's youth pastor in La Paz. He and his wife and 2 girls are here for the pastor's college through Sovereign Grace Ministries. We are thankful for this opportunity to see Oscar, Prisci and their precious girls, Abigail and Bianca, on the other side of the equator!

- As I mentioned, the food of Bolivia has been missed by the 2 of us...especially my husband. However, last weekend we stumbled upon a Latino Mercado full of treasures! We bought some choclo (big-kernel corn), queso fresco (fresh cheese) and yucca. So...Sunday night we decided to celebrate el Dia de Santa Cruz with Sarah and Marcelo and enjoyed some chorizos (from Trader Joes....not so authentic but still good) and zonzo! We had this dish at our wedding and just love the yucca-cheesy-yumminess!

We also were able to enjoy some tuna, compliments of Marcelo and Sarah....yum!

- Our most recent gift PaceƱo was last night when we were able to meet up with 5 other people "from" La Paz that are in the area!
The Kolar family was a sweet gift to my Highlands Community and they left last December. Kathy was my neighbor in La Paz! She is still living in La Paz but is just in the states for a quick month furlough to be with her family. And, Sheldon and Amber both worked with Samaritan's Purse down there and now Sheldon is getting a master's degree in International Development.

Amy and Amber

Kathy and Abby enjoying.....

...this sweet treat of Fall in the U.S. with friends from Bolivia.
Sufficed to say, it was so *sweet* to see everyone and to be together again!
(I LOVE this girl!)

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