Thursday, June 4, 2009


Ta Da! I have officially joined the blogging world!
For my first post, I have decided to keep it short and sweet (don't get to used to it) by sharing five simple reasons why I like being the big 2-five!

Reason 5: I'm mature enough to start my own blog!

Reason 4: I can choose my means of transportation. I think this zippy road bike suits me well...especially while traversing the country roads of Davidson!

Reason 3: I've made my way up the Starbucks' Customer Ladder to earn the status of a REGULAR! This newly acquired position not only entails getting your drink without saying a word (because my friendly, neighborhood barista already knows what I want), but it also comes complete with a birthday breakfast (blueberry muffin with a straw instead of a candle and a crayon-colored receipt instead of a flame) on the house and a personal birthday shout-out! Thanks Erin!

Reason 2: I have great friends who know what I need:

...words of encouragement and...

...the Bolivian staples!

Reason 1: I have lived enough years to see the hand of God in my life, but there are many more years (Lord willing) to come that are bound to bring more stories of His faithfulness and goodness!

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