Thursday, June 25, 2009


Acronyms. Welcome to my life for the past few days.....

Pre-Field Orientation

As of 2 days ago I have entered the realm of name tags, scheduled sessions, sweet tea 24/7 and repetitious where-are-you-from conversations! Yes, I am in Southhaven, MS at christian school (sleeping on a cot in a math classroom!) for my 2 week orientation for NICS. As I was getting off the exit onto Getwell Dr. (fun fact insert- this street assumed this name because of the hospitals that were on this road during the civil war), I had a rush of feelings similar to those I had August of my freshman year of college…. What am I doing? Will I be miserable?

But, just like college, within the last 2 weeks not only have my questions been answered and my anxieties calmed, but I have been enjoying my time getting to know the other missionaries serving with NICS, especially the teachers that will teaching alongside me in Bolvia!

Zach, Amanda, me, Stephanie, Isaac, Molly, Jill, Vicki, Tammie, Scott

Third Culture Kid.

The focus of my 2 week orientation seems to be connecting to and teaching these types of students that are most commonly found in international schools. Yes, for those of you who are my friends AND consider yourself one of these special types of people, I have thought of you often and have found myself "pooly" (coined by a friend, a term to define the state of having tears well up in the eyes and create a sort of pool) on several occasions!

Some fellow NICS teachers enjoying a quick break between our sessions!

Extrovert Sensor Feeler Perceiver

That's right. After multiple attempts to define myself based on a combination of 4 different letters, the task has been accomplished! 9 different roommates and 25 years later, I am able to answer the questions to the Meyers Briggs personality assessment honestly so to create a profile that sums up (in a lose way) who I am!

Some highlights of my personality include (and I quote):

*you only go around once in life

* good at personal interactions

* generous, peacemaker

* cuts red tape

* juggles multiple projects/events

* becomes distracted and gets off track easily

* getting the task done with a maximum of fun with a minimum of fuss

Sounds about right :).....


  1. ESFP! yes myers briggs.
    i plan on calling you today my little orientation girl.
    lots of love.

  2. I just put you in my reader, so I will be a faithful visitor! :-)
    Last time I took Myers-Briggs I was an ENFP. That was the overwhelming majority in our RA group at Messiah!