Saturday, June 13, 2009

I am a Tiger...

A Lincoln Heights' Tiger to be exact.
When I first walked down the blue and white halls as graduate fresh out of school, I had no clue what the next three years would bring.
Thank goodness!
The class of 2016 might not have had a 3rd grade teacher...or any class for that matter!
Instead of scaring me away by revealing the responsibilities and lessons that lie ahead, God knew to surround me with people who would come alongside me.
People willing to hurl their shoes at my shelves in order to scare out the escape artists masquerading as innocent hamsters in my classroom! People who offered me their life-supply of multiplication flashcards and main idea worksheets because my students STILL weren't getting it. People who wrote AND illustrated "social stories" complete with stick-figures making BAD choices and learning the RIGHT choices to make. Some of these bad choices included choking other students, flailing on the floor in the middle of the hallway and running around the school playing hide-n-go-seek with the teacher!
Caring, creative, hilarious, hard-working and compassionate people. People who have all contributed to the special memories I have as a Tiger.
I will truly miss the people of Lincoln Heights Elementary, staff and students.
Here are just a few pictures to commemorate my last year as a Lincoln Heights' Tiger.

Which one is the farmer's wife and where is my tail?

One of the many reasons why I love our administration!

Can you tell we're excited it's the last day?!

Last but not least, my "Taylor Twins". Oh how I will miss you 2!


  1. Oh, LHES... I feel like I know it so well, although I've only stepped through the doors once or twice.

    Miss you already darling, and it's only been 7 hours....what will I do without you as my roommate??

  2. I will miss you too megan.I didnt get to see you at the Epicentre to say goodbye. It was fun working with you this year. Thanks for all you techno help. I will follow you on your blog.