Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Call to Prayer...

...not to be confused with what happens in the Middle East at certain times of the day...THIS is for my husband and his dear family.
And, for me too!

As you all know, we've been going through the whole Bolivia-and-the-United-States-are-not-the-same-country-and-it's-hard-to-make-a-citizen-of-one-a-citizen-of-the-other issue for a while now. So far, God has been so gracious to us and things have gone "exactly" as we have planned!!
However, we are still fighting this battle and facing an outcome that may NOT go as we have planned.

David (Esteban's younger brother) is getting married to Jadwy (a sweet girl who became a friend of mine while I was there)in exactly 3 weeks.
This, obviously, is happening in Bolvia.
And we, obviously, have been planning on going....
...time off work (AKA wedding being planned around MY spring break)...check.
...plane tickets...check.
...a calendar of things to do/people to see while in Bolivia...check.

However, unbeknownst to us, USCIS does NOT think that our need to go on this trip is so obvious and Esteban's green card..AKA his ability to leave the United States under (basically) any circumstances...has not been granted.
We've spent lots of time on the phone with this agency and have been told to expect the green card at the end of April/beginning of May. figured it out.
Not early enough.

So...we are asking our Christian family to come along-side us and pray.
We KNOW that we serve a gracious, and GOOD Father who is truly able to do ALL things.
We also know that He does what is best for us, even when we think our "best" is something else.
So pray for a miracle...and pray for His will.
And pray for grace to accept any answer He gives.
Thank you.

Here are Esteban's parents, us and JADWY AND our Bolivian wedding! We hope for a similar picture in the near future with someone else in the "white" dress (yes, I know, mine is actually a light blue...but you get the point!).

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