Sunday, February 26, 2012

the HOUSE!

So, you know you're a bad blogger" when your posts jump from honeymoon to our 2nd place we've lived since being married! usual.

But yes.....WE'VE MOVED!!!
We are officially Virginians....I have the license plate and no-teeth-smiling driver's license to prove it (it's a Virginia rule that you CANNOT show teeth when you smile for your picture....weird!).
We are both enjoying our 30ish minute commutes each day and appreciating the fact that bus schedules, 1,000 accidents and top-5-traffic-jams-of-the-US don't dictate our day-to-day lives anymore!
So without further ado....
our humble little basement apartment.

As you enter through our door (with it's own gated, side entrance...) you see our kitchen!

Then, right next to the kitchen is our guest room (YES...come visit us!) / dining room (don't worry, we can put the table somewhere else when you are here!)

Our very own......Yes...I took pictures of this for you to see.....
Then our foyer (it's the entrance to our place from the main house upstairs)....

...which leads to our great room/bedroom!

We hope you enjoyed your "grand tour"!
God is so good to have given us a place that is EXACTLY in the middle of our works and just what we need.


  1. Yay, a new blog!! Your place is cute and cozy and I'm sure just what you need for now... Kinda reminds me of a slightly bigger version of the basement we stayed in in Charlotte last time we were there. Miss you lots and hope you both are well.

  2. Hey sweet friend, always love seeing what's up with you. Love your new place, especially how happy it makes you. :)

  3. Yay for your new place! I'm so excited for you and I hope I get to visit you there someday! thanks for posting pics..I'm so happy for you!