Monday, June 20, 2011

SOME of what I have been doing...

Hello faithful readers!
I'm back in the lower 48.
And BOY has it been a whirlwind so far!
I feel like there is SOO much to share.
So this is the plan...I will give you the stateside run down in this post.
And then backtrack a bit to share some of the past months in La Paz that are worth sharing.

So, since I've been back, I have....
...not had any real flight problems- just a few slight delays. THANK YOU LORD!
...spent 30 hours in Maryland/Virginia- 1/2 of that was spent traveling to different schools (with my DEAR friend Lauren George) and handing my resume to a...secretary!
The other 1/2 was spent with my future family which includes a new NIECE!

...spent some QUALITY time with my family.
...celebrated my dad's birthday AND Father's Day with hoops&yoyo :)!
...done some MAJOR wedding planning.
And there's still a lot more to go!

So until the next moment of free time.....

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