Wednesday, May 25, 2011

April Showers Bring...

That's right!
The month of May has brought a series of bridal showers for me, my middle school buddy who is also getting married this summer (Stephanie) AND 1 for Choco too!

The first was with my lady friends at Highlands. It was a fun time where we played games and laughed a lot.
Some special people from my HIS community....

The second was thrown by the middle school moms. This one had a hat theme....little did I know that my hat was picked for me!
We had a toilet paper dress competition with the moms....
Guess who LOST?!

It was a special time to celebrate our upcoming marriage with these moms that have so much wisdom to share.

The next shower was the one that Choco was able to be a part of. It was a thrown by some of his high school classmates.
We played some fun games...
...pop the balloon with the same part (arm to arm...tricky!)
..answer questions about one another and then be punished for each incorrect answer!
Guess we didn't do very well!!

This outfit totally beats the toilet paper one!

I even have cute shoes:)!..and a groom to match:)
The last was with church friends and was yet another sweet time with the girls!
Drawing pictures blindfolded...
...ooooo, not so good:)!
..and more toilet paper fun!

As I finish this post (I started it in May but I'm finishing in JUNE mind you...) it makes me feel so thankful for my community in La Paz.

There are SO MANY people that have played a special part in my life and I thank the Lord for each of you. I miss you already....thank you for sharing yourself with me!

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