Saturday, June 19, 2010


April 26th….ooops!

Yeah…not a lot to say except that I’m sorry it’s been sooo long since I have updated you on my Bolivian life.

In light of the fact that a lot has happened since then, and a lot is going to happen over the next month and a half, I am now going to attempt to fill you in on my life starting from April 26th and ending at the present. May this collage of pictures and snippits succeed in making you feel a part of my life and up to date with it's crazniess!


-As is typical for most schools, a lot of big events were crammed into the last couple of months of the year making it an exciting yet somewhat whirlwindish end!

To celebrate the culture of our “home” country, HIS puts on an annual Bolivia Day where students are able to showcase a traditional Bolivian dance while donning a typical costume. I have to say, my middle schoolers had by FAR the best dance and costumes!

However, like most Highlands events, the teachers also participated, and boy was it a participation! We practiced after school for a few weeks and then beautied ourselves up and attempted to honor Bolivia through our dance. I honestly don't know how well we did out there on that dance floor, but the parents and students were excited to see us dance and we were happy to be a part of the fun!

- I have really come to love my 6th and 7th graders this year! They have a passion for life that spills into all that they do and I see them as a gift to me from the Lord. Therefore, because we love them, the other middle school teachers and I decided to have a little campout/sleepover! It was a night of games (in the dark...always fun), campfire time complete with hot dogs and marshmallows as well as encourage someone else time, and the classic film, The Sandlot! The students seemed to have a BLAST and all of us teachers were touched by their sweet words to one another. So, even though it took me a while to recover from a night of I-love-slumber-parties-and-have-too-much-energy-to-all-asleep-now middle schoolers, it was definitely a highlight of the year for everyone!

- **Do you see the small tree that was used for roasting?!

- As a fundraiser for our newly launched student council, we organized a school-wide talent show. We didn't really know what to expect but were thrilled to see so much participation and YES, some of my middle schoolers won the grand prize:)! They were pretty precious if I do say so myself.

Even amidst the busy school schedule, some girlfriends and I were able to get away for some r&r in a city about 6 (bus) hours away from La Paz. Cochabamba is a beautiful city with "spring weather all year round" where we were able to see some sites and enjoy a pool!

- Right after school ended, Steph and I decided to take a 3-day trip to some Bolivian sight while we waited for her friend from the states to arrive! We decided to visit the biggest salt flats in the world, the Salar. Rumor has it that when Neil Armstrong was taking his "one small step" he was enamored by this white glow coming from his far away planet and vowed to visit that location when he was back on land. And that white glow was none other than the Salt Flats in Bolivia!

- To end my update, I would like to now share another reason why I have been a "bad blogger." I am dating someone!

Esteban Del Castillo and I have been in same circle of friends ever since I've been in Bolivia but just recently started dating. You will be seeing more pictures of him since he will be traveling to the states this summer! So get excited.....I know I am:).


  1. Finally... an update!!!!
    and by the way, you two look like brother & sister... a sure match! :)

  2. Yay- an update! Yay, a pic of Choco! :) Miss you.