Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Past Week and a Half....

As you can probably deduce by this title, life has been a little crazy these past 11 days!

Therefore, instead of writing separate posts for each event, you get a little taste of my busy yet rewarding life!!

Thursday, November 19th :

Probably experienced one of 2009 hilghlights....seeing my kiddos share their talents, time and homemade maracas with precious blind children in my neighboorhood! Not only did they show Christ's love to these children, but they pulled off a last minute yet original play of Noah's Ark (omplete with a variety of sound effects) and performed "the cup game" to Prince of Peace....priceless!

Another highlight was seeing them all pounce on my bed immediately after entering my casita for some post-field-trip-cookie-fun!

Friday, November 20th:

After a ripped contact and a drive that led us to the middle of NOWHERE, we began our Takesi hike with the 8th graders (6 girls and 3 boys), chaperones (4 girls and 4 boys) and backpacks filled with WAY too much weight of who-knows-what!

Saturday, November 21st:

Exhausted from the day before that was supposed to be "easy", we packed up in the rain and started on the longest, yet most rewarding, day of the hike! Although we had to trek through literal rivers of rain water that were rushing down the rocky paths and one of our boys ended up breaking his leg in 2 places, it was a good day that taught the students (and teachers) some good life lessons....and showed us how beautiful Bolivia is!

Sunday, November 22nd:

Sore and SMELLY we all made our way into the beautiful city of Yanacachi (after 20 false alarms of "the end," might I add) and piled into the buses that promised to take us back to warm showers, soft beds and Thanksgiving food. A Thanksgiving FEAST, to be exact, complete with homemade rolls, delicious pumpkin cake and "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" projected on a white sheet for all ages to enjoy:)!

Monday, November 23rd:

Still recuperating from the Takesi, I discovered muscles that I never knew existed and incessantly thanked the GENIUS that made Monday "pajama day" for our spirit week!

Tuesday, November 24th:

"Twin day" meant that Steph and I came as....inspired by a blonde wig that has made its way around HIS....Miley Cyrus (me) and Hannah Montana (Steph). Pretty creative if you ask us!

Wednesday, November 25th:

Winter Olympics Team Day = hundreds of paper snowlfakes taped around the school + crazy outfits of yellow, red, green and blue + "ice dancing" high schoolers on pavement assisting elementary students with their arabesque form + a screaming Miss Speicher because her AWESOME blue team won!!!!!!!!!!

Wish you were there?....I know!

Thursday, November 26th:

La Paz looks different when you're leaving it at 4am in a rented car watching movies and "thanksgiving" tv episodes on the car's OWN dvd player! And, now I have had yet another Thanksgiving meal at the American "symbol" of gratitude...McDonalds...gotta love it!

Friday, November 27th:

Chile is AWSOME....Bolivia got shafted when they got our beach!

Saturday, November 28th:

Finally some beach time and, yes, New Moon :)......gotta keep up with friends back home!

Sunday, November 29th:

4am is becoming an enemy....but my bed, again, feels soo good and I'm glad to be home!!!

The End

For those who made it to this point, thanks for sticking with my 11-day itinerary of craziness!

If you can continue that patience, you might be lucky enough to veiw some pictures to back-up these stories! And if you can't, just check out Stephanie Ainsworth's pictures on facebook:)!

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