Saturday, November 14, 2009

Highlands Highlights

Last Wednesday was the 1 and 1/2 quarter mark! I cannot believe how quickly the school year has gone by so far. It has been a busy but very enjoyable past 3 1/2 months and I would like to share some of the highlights with you....

One foggy morning, we all donned our new HIS sweathsirts to showcase our ever-expanding staff and enthusiasm for the new year....or something like that!

Often we find ourselves outside of our classroom doing some kind of lesson amidst the mountains and blue skies! This particular lesson showcases some of my 6th graders' acting skills as they act out the story of Siddhartha's journey to Buddah while others dilligently take notes....oh how I love my students:)!

October was the month of our Spring Carnival which entailed a wacky-dress day to gear up for the big event...

...many different games for the kids to enjoy, including a huge blow-up octopus (HILARIOUS!)...

...and teacher-revenge in the form of a pie toss and a "wet jail" where the hose was my worst enemy!

October was also the month of the FIRST annual dodgeball tournament! After months of EVERY recess minute being spent working on their bullet-like throws and out-of-nowhere catches, the students were ready to compete against the teachers for the the coveted title of "dodgeball champion!" Sadly, the intense competition proved to all that, even though I may rule the middle schoolers in my classroom, I am forced to bow in submission on the dodgeball court!

In math class we worked with recipes to create cookies while sharpening our fraction skills. However, reason # 43 why living in Bolivia is different than living in the US, was brought to my attention when the kitchen staff was gone and we were no longer able to use the oven because the gas for the oven was taken with them! Therefore, Steph and I had to use a more creative way to cook the cookies...the MICROWAVE! There were only a few casualties and some of the cookies actually turned out somewhat normal!

Most recently, the 4th graders picked different teachers to write a biography about his/her life and then presented their findings at our very own, HIS Wax Museum! Here's my little twin, Hannah, who is also the middle child of 2 sisters and seems to share my same taste in accessories:)!

Now, if any of these pictures cause you to doubt the fact that we, at HIS, take our job seriously, just look at these "teacher" faces...would we lie to you?!


  1. oh yay! love it! thanks for taking the time to load all those pictures!
    thoughts as i read ...
    i like your highland hoodies! and i found you in the jumping pic!
    love how the desks are outside, how efficient and WHAT a backdrop!
    octopus/scary monster.
    of COURSE you make cookies on a day when you can't bake them. that WOULD happen.
    your twin = adorable!!!

    i love you. see you soon!

  2. You teach your kids Sidartha?! Who are you... Mark Cosgrove?

    Oh, I love you and your weird ways! Your kids are too presh.
    But can I just say that the elevation did something to your cookies (I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt by blamming elevation!)
    I just miss you a LOT