Sunday, September 27, 2009

An SCCCYG Update

Hello readers, especially those under the age of 18 (my SCCC youth group)!
I am excited to share a summary of what God has been doing here on the other side of the equator!

I have lately described La Paz to friends and family as a mix of the foreign and familiar, which I have come to really appreciate.

Familiar because....
..I always have a lot of papers to grade...AND I have a group of students that I really do love!

HIS 6th and 7th students:)!

...I get to enjoy the sun (that is more intense here) while participating in random outdoor activities. like running, walking with friends, or competing in a dodgeball tournament (that's right...I've played more dodegeball here in 2 months than I have my entire life!).

...I get to hang out with some awesome high school girls weekly for a small group/life group I'm leading with my roommate.

...I seem to be busy every day! Between weekly bible studies, Spanish lessons, after-school tutoring, gospel choir practice, birthday celebrations (I think I've celebrated at least 10 birthdays since arriving in La Paz!) and the basic chores of being a grown-up, I find myself ready for my bed at the end of every day!

...I have great friends who make me laugh and love the Lord!
**praise the Lord for a great group of friends here

Foreign because...
...I no longer drive...instead I rely on a series of taxis, trufis (like a taxi but with a set list of destinations), mini-busses (like a trufi only bigger and more crowded) and a few friend's cars here where the occupancy limit is always at least doubled. Here in Bolivia seats are just suggestions for how many people can fit in a car!

Here's an example of a crowded car on dodgeball "theme" day:) case you were wondering if we always dress like this!

...everyone speaks a different language and even though I'm getting tutored every thursday, I still have a lot to learn until I can fully participate in this part of the culture.
**pray that I would have patience and discipline in this area

...I am surrounded by Cholitas! Bolivia is known for the "chola", a Bolivian woman that has kept the traditional customs of this nation, predomintaly by the way she dresses. They are all over the place and always make me smile:)!

...I get to pray with my students everday and reference the Bible freely!
**pray for those at the school that do not know Jesus Christ personally (some are Buddhist, Muslim, atheist, etc.)

Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers!

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