Friday, September 11, 2009

I love the weekends...

Hello my faithful readers :)!
As my last post explained, I now have access to internet on my own computer, so posting pictures and such is a whole lot easier. Therefore, as promised, here is an update of my life...

As a teacher in Charlotte, I enjoyed my students... but loved my weekends. As a teacher in La Paz, it is no different!

2 weekends ago, Stephanie and I were THRILLED to have the opportunity to actually leave the city. Early Sunday morning we piled in the backseat of Christian's, our neighbor/landlord, car along with his cousin, Andre. After a slight delay due to the fact that we had to turn around to get the spare tire that was forgotten, we drove out of the mountains and into the jungle!

It was soooo pretty seeing the huge mountains change from the bare and grey to the lush and wild of the jungle! Even though I got a little sick on the ride back, the view was DEFINITELY worth the windy, crazy roads!

Our first destination was this wonderful animal reserve where visitors from all over the world can come enjoy a relaxing get-away in the jungles of Bolivia and experience nature first-hand! Some of our "nature experiences" included...

playing with monkeys (with some fellow visitors)...

..holding snakes..

...and talking to a bear, among others!

Before leaving for our next destination, we had to push the car a couple of times and then wait for a fellow traveler to lend us his jumper cables....yes, we had left the lights on! Guess we should have worried more about jumper cables and less about the tire! Oh well...I had no problem cooling off by the river while we waited!

Our next and final destination before heading home was a small town on the edge of the mountain called Coroico. It was such a cute little town with a breathtaking veiw!

Me with our travel buddies..(L-R) Christian and Andres

We came back that night sweaty (which felt sooo good after a month in the DRY, mountain air), exhausted and totally blown away by the beauty of this new country we have started to call home!

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  1. SOOO glad you had a fun weekend. The cute little mtn town looks ADORABLE!!!!
    Love and miss ya sis! Glad you're having fun!