Thursday, July 23, 2009

Stages of Grief

Yes....the time is drawing near!
And, even though I'm very excited to start my new life in La Paz, there is a huge hurdle I must leap over....and there are times when that hurdle just seems impossible to pass over!
"What is this hurdle you speak of?" some of you may be asking.

The "p" word.......yup, you guessed it....PACKING!

Please see the amount of clothes that made it through the NUMEROUS stages of purging..and yet, will NEVER fit into only 2 suitcases!

Hence the final rite of passage which included making it by the Pant Nazi (AKA Mom) and her sidekicks (the sisters Jenny and Laura)! Seriously, even though I was so thankful for their help, this was the part that brought out my many different stages of grief!

First I was just can you NOT let me take my favorite pair of jeans?
Second I was emotional....I've just had so many fond memories in this shirt!
Third I shut-down and became a robot....tell me what to do.
But, the fourth and final stage of MY grieving process was actually accepting this necessary course of action and delighting in the results.

TA DA! This is my (almost) completely packed bags!

Thank you family for helping me through my craziness and making my catastrophe a piece of art!

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