Sunday, July 19, 2009

Déjà vu

So...I must love the open plains of Kansas because, for the 4th time, I drove across the country. Thankfully, every time I've taken on this great feat I have had a friend accompany me, and this time was no different!

Lauren and I on day 1 of our 4-day road trip to IDAHO!

Possibly due to the fact that we were literally surrounded by ALL of my Charlotte belongings (I was VERY proud of the fact that I fit all/most of the past 3 years in my TiNy Cabrio) or because of the amount of coffee and water consumed in order to stay alert, we had to made a few stops along the way! However, even with our periodic stops, we made good enough time to "take a day off" in Colorado!

We loved the GREAT views of the beautiful Colorado valley....and the company:)!

Amy Jo (a dear TU friend), Jerusalem, me, Lauren, and Esther....loved hanging out with these girls and sharing a wonderful Ethiopian feast!

After 3 years in North Carolina and 3 days of driving, I was happy to finally arrive at our destination....Twin Falls, ID!

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