Friday, July 26, 2013


The Big three.
Our favorites:).

Everything is so OLD here!

 We're speaking to you in Italian...can't you hear it? 
{in case there's ANY confusion, that word is used in Italy for MANY different circumstances!  It's kind of like an "enjoy" or "cheers" word.  My usage has NO connection to its stateside "twin," alluding to a small child growing inside a woman.}

 The waiter told us to show more "love"...the best we could do with a table in the way!

Notice my "Esteban smile"
 The Vatican.  Where....
...Esteban "didn't" pay attention to the warnings....

...Megan dressed like she was going to the "beach" {literally what some devout, Roman Catholic woman told me as I was sitting outside St. Peter's Basilica because they wouldn't let me in.  Oops for not remembering that slight detail!  Thanks Esteban for the picture:)!

 Europe through the eyes of my husband take 1...

 Did I mention that we were EXHAUSTED at this point...and looking forward to being able to rest on the cruise!

Europe through the eyes of my husband take 2... 


 Just because Venice has canals instead of roads and boats instead of cars doesn't mean that they don't deal with the same issues that we do.

{Read left-right, up-down}
 sometimes you just need to be towed...parallel parking....traffic jams....texting while driving
  Notice the Gondolier behind me while I eat fresh shrimp all fried up and yummy!
 As big as my head....
 Cappucino per favore.

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