Sunday, May 12, 2013


So it's kind of crazy to think that our life could change more than it already has, but I guess that's how God is keeping us on our feet.

Blessing...he's doing what he studied {telecommunications engineering} and gets excited about.  YAY!
Change... it's in Maryland and after some prayers and pro/con lists, WE'RE MOVING BACK TO MARYLAND (to exactly the same place we were before!).  We're excited to be close again to family, especially with our new nephew who just arrived safely:)! 

This leads to the second big change, I've officially RESIGNED from my position at Woodley Hills and I'm looking for a new job in Maryland. 
Yay for cover letters and interviews again.
{Do you sense my sarcasm?!} 
But, just like last time, I know that God already has a place for me that He'll provide in His timing.

Third, I WILL NEVER WEAR GLASSES OR CONTACTS AGAIN!  Yes, I recently had LASIK.  And, so far, so good.  The Dr. was very competent and described the surgery as "perfect!"  Thank you LORD!

The last change I'd like to share is not as obvious.  It's more subtle, but just as real.  Lately, I have been sensing a change in my perspective of life.
Yes, I've always "known" that life is short and that Christ is all that matters.  But lately, I've been reminded that "I know that" can be decieving and untrue.  Those 3 words can take away from the urgency that I should feel while living in this world and the gratitude I should have every day for this precious LIFE I've been given!
Maybe tomorrow, like others I know, I'll be told that I have a terminal brain tumor and my days with my family are limited...or that even though my children recently lost their daddy, their mommy now has breast cancer...or other life-changing news that life is full of!

This life truly is a gift that I don't want to waste.
I don't want to get into a rut that causes me to care more about my little life than the big picture God sees.
Lord, continue to change my perspective until my focus is on You.
Not on all of the other good things in this world that simply don't compare to You.

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