Friday, April 29, 2011

Kings and Queens...

As I said before, my GRAMIE is in town!
And, as always, it has been so special to spend some quality time with her.

Yesterday, while I was working, she went golfing with Esteban at the world's highest golf course in the world! Here's a picture of the golf course and 2 indigenous women.

Both she and Esteban enjoyed their time and the encouragement of their caddies who, in their broken, Bolivian-accented, English, kept saying "good job."

Then today, on the spur of the moment, Gramie and I decided to have a party in her room at 6am.

As you probably know, today was the "ROYAL WEDDING!"

So guessed it! I drug myself out of bed, called a taxi and went up to her room to watch the wedding on her tv. While watching the ceremony we decided to play cards (gin to be exact) and get room service!

So all in was a morning of watching kings and queens, playing with kings and queens, and feeling like a king or queen (obviously the latter for both of us...but you see the pattern!).

Tomorrow is her birthday and I feel honored to be able to spend it with her. Then she leaves early Sunday morning to head back to California.

Sorry there aren't any pictures of Gramie yet...but I'll leave you with a picture of a VERY SIMILAR wedding dress to her's.

That's right, my Gramie (and then my mom because she wore her same dress) had a wedding dress like Kate (Catherine, the Duchess of York)!

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  1. and they had it FIRST!

    sounds like a wonderful day with grammie. looking forward to a picture of you two out on the town.