Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Gracias Government...

..y Dios!

So...based on the title, you might suspect that we FINALLY heard back about Choco's (that's my fiancee's nickname) U.S. visa.

This is the story.
On Tuesday, February 15th, I got a message from our landlord, Christian, saying he received a letter for me a few days ago.
It was raining that day and the letter was in a PUDDLE of water when he got home. He put it in try to dry it out and thought it was "ready" for me to get!!
I immediately assume it's from the United States Department of Homeland Security (because that's who we sent our request forms to) and instantly become anxious!
I've waited for about 5 months for this letter and the day had finally come where I would figure out if we had been approved or rejected....such emotion!

I went home at my lunch break to find a crumpled, stained envelope waiting to be opened to tell me that....WE'VE BEEN APPROVED!

All of our paperwork was correct and seemed to prove that we indeed are in love and legitimately desire to be married.
YAY! Thank you Lord.

The last steps of the process are that we wait for another letter (PRAY for good weather) that gives Esteban a specific date and time for his interview with the U.S. embassy. At the interview he will asnwer a series of questions regarding the paperwork we submitted. Then, if his story lines up with mine, his visa will be granted at the interview!!

One last shout-out to the U.S. government is that on Wednesday, the next day, our friend Israel had his interview at theembassy for a visa. He photographed our engagment photos and we really wanted him to be able to come to our wedding in the states and to take our pictures. However, if he wasn't granted his visa (which is a common story here in Bolivia) he would be unable to come. However, his interview went WELL and he is officially coming to the wedding! Another YAY!

Thanks to all of you for your prayers...keep praying for Choco's interview.
And thank you Lord for your grace in all things!

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