Saturday, August 15, 2009

Highland Livin'

I would like to begin this entry with an apology! Yes, it’s been a while since I have posted…partly because life is busy, but partly because I can’t really access the internet on my computer at my house yet! So, thanks for being patient, and hopefully this post was worth the wait!

First of all, I am officially a MIDDLE SCHOOL TEACHER...IN BOLIVIA!

Kind of crazy to me that LESS than 2 months ago I was still teaching 2nd graders at Lincoln Heights. And, now I find myself teaching students that are basically my same height (except the boys…they're still waiting for their growth spurts!), discussing Confucius with a class that actually knows who he is and relating math to the Bible as a part of my lesson! It's a little overwhelming to think that I now have 3 titles to my name instead of one (math, social studies AND grammar...ha ha, the last one is by far the funniest!) and I really do believe that last week (the first week of school) was the LONGEST WEEK OF MY LIFE! But, all in all,
I love my job and am so glad to be here! I have a beautiful view of the mountains every day and a great group of students.

my school

my 6th graders and the my middle school partner-in-crime, Stephanie Feagin

When I'm not at Highlands International School (which so far hasn't been that often), I find myself doing a variety of things....

a.) Trying to cook something other than quesadillas and guacamole, since that's about all we ate for the first week! Even though we've succumb to some easy and familiar meals (like top ramen), we've also been adventurous and created waffles in our "sandwich genie." This was definitely the highlight of my first Bolivian holiday....Bolivia's independence day is August 6th.

Here are our Pacena (someone/something from La Paz) waffles!

b.) Practicing my HORRIBLE Spanish on anyone that wants to listen, which is harder than one would think. Case and point, when I was looking for waffle ingredients I tried to explain baking soda to a man who offered his help. But, instead of appreciating my Spanish attempts, he kindly said, "In Enlgish, PLEASE!"

c.) And the latest addition to my weekly schedule is a gospel choir! It is comprised of mostly Bolivian 20-somethings and a few of us Highlanders (teachers from my school). We meet bi-weekly and perform for random occassions. The first perfomance is in September, so I will keep you updated on how the crowd enjoys our assortment of songs, including "O Happy Day" and "This Little Light of Mine"!


  1. yes! thanks for the post. i love the pictures. you look super cute and HAPPY!

  2. Yay for a new post. :) Looks like you're having fun Megs!

  3. Everything looks great! I excited to be able to follow your adventure. You are an inspiration and a great Teacher!!! God Bless
    Look me up on facebook. I have been posting regularly...quentin

    God Bless,